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Introducing Our New Chairman

In the last few weeks there has been a big change at Brixham Gig Club, Kevin Thomas has resigned his position as chairman feeling that he has taken the club as far as he can under his leadership which has lasted the initial 5 years of the clubs history. Under the chairmanship of Mr Thomas the club has gone from 1 boat in the car park at Oxen cove to 4 boats over 100 members and the start of construction of a club house at Breakwater Slipway. We as a club are sure Kevin is very proud of his time as chairman and as a club we would like to thank him for his service and effort.

The club continues however with Mr Pete Dadley taking over the chair of the committee, with this in mind I took some time to ask some questions of our new head man. You take over the chairmanship of the club at a very exciting time with the build of the gig shed and the new season rapidly approaching, however you do have some big shoes to fill why did you decide to take this role?

It wasn't something I saw coming my way. Kevin's decision was unexpected and I was approached by a number of committee members to see if I would consider taking this on and after careful thought and requesting a 3 month probationary period, I agreed to be put forward.

For those of us that don't know you well what is your day job?

After many years in financial services and running my own businesses I chose to take some time out and retire for the time being and am currently working on a new project and immersing myself in D.I.Y and exercise.

What do you hope to bring to the role of Chairman?

It's early days to answer that question in detail but I do intend to discuss where I can help with other members, but in the meantime will continue to approach local businesses for their financial support.

What do you hope to oversee in your tenure of the club?

The next few months will be a big learning curve and my known duties currently are to chair the meetings and to attend various functions to represent the club. I hope to continue in the same manner as Kevin did so well, as Chairman previously.

Do you have any values that will guide you in this?

Yes I suppose my experience in financial services has given me the confidence to approach businesses of all levels. I have a strong background in persuading people to part with their money and hope I can get them to do so on behalf of Brixham Gig Club.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would welcome any suggestions from members as to how I can help, I do find the challenge a little daunting as currently it is the element of the unknown however, I am very proud to be part of a great club and look forward to seeing it going from strength to strength.

Thank you for your time Pete I hope your time as Chair of the club is a smooth one and I am sure our members will let you know in good time of anything you need to know.