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Interview With A Shed Builder!

With the build of the gig shed due to start I took time to have a quick chat with our shed builder in chief Pete Scoble. First off Pete how long have you been rowing? I have been rowing gigs for seven years in gigs before that I had a short stint in skiffs with Totnes rowing club. What would you say was your proudest moment in the sport so far? My proudest moment in rowing was seeing my son Matt win the men's a race at Brixham regatta.

I would like to give those who don't know an insight into your background what do you do for a living?

For a living I run a small roofing contracting business.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that not everyone knows.

I was in Israel the week before the six day war. Also I write poetry.

When do you think that you will start the build?

I intend to start work on the shed later this month.

On that note how long do you expect the project to take?

I hope to complete within eighteen months funds permitting.

and what can we expect from our new shed?

We can expect an attractive functional boat shed with easy access to the boats. A drying room will also be incorporated.

I imagine that many members will want to get involved and help how would you suggest they do that? Any member can get involved obviously building skills would be an advantage but any help would gratefully received. Why did you take on this project its a long build?

I took the project on as I have the flexibility of time, the access to materials, and the experience of carrying out such projects. However I will welcome input from others in the club. Thank you Pete we look forward to seeing the start of the project. I will be posting with regular updates once building has commenced. I am also looking to do more interviews with club members throughout the season so please let me know your suggestions and why.

Members who wish to help with the shed keep a look on Facebook for updates from Pete about next steps on the project and when to come and help.